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2 years ago

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We are a mature couple who always fuck about the different situations that we imagine. As usual, mine is always my wife, Lili 's fingers, licked and fucked by bravoporn another man while watching and photography. This was agreed for years with my wife always says to hell, as we walked, but always behind " I do not really know. " Anthony Recently our best man in our wedding 30 years ago, returned from Australia, and he and my wife always laughs at each other with referrals, if they are together. One night we called to see as normal and it was bothering my wife and asked her how it makes me happy. She replied that she uses her physical prowess in bed (it's a very good dust ). Then they went to bathe and that is normal, she called me to get to shave my legs as I want. This time I shouted that I was busy and to send Anthony got up, laughed and said he would not dare. With this silence Anthony Walked want to went to the bathroom and heard, I ask Lili he wanted, he said, I have come to shave their legs, Lili said she likes a close bravoporn shave. So I took a couple of cans of beer bravoporn from the kitchen to look. After five minutes both came down and sat in front of me, Lili had her coat is very thin and does not leave much to the imagination. Certainly, showed all her curves and contours of her bravoporn nipples, legs not crossed, and I could bravoporn see her pussy, her clitoris sticks a lot, which are normally kept as bravoporn a small triangle of hair above her clit, but is gone. Anthony was obviously very close to his shaving. He could look at me and had a big smile on his face and asked Lili if the work he had done, was satisfied. She said yes and explained that if he shaved he had to do tests on your tongue, my tongue running up and down both sides of her pussy to make sure no stray hairs left. Anthony asked if there is any left stray hairs, Lili answered before I could go and asked if Anthony wants to make the language test. There was an awkward silence and then said Anthony, when I was happy with him, then he does not want to leave a job unfinished. He is very bravoporn professional. So he went on his knees before my wife and the slowdown will spread her legs. It was only in the thigh and slowly moved his tongue inside her legs to her pussy. Then gently aside licking her pussy lips slowly and reach her ​​clitoris, then moved in turn, opened her lips and pushed his tongue deep into my wife 's pussy. Sometimes my wife just welcomed and do their things, it was so little time. She moaned, as Anthony pressed his tongue deep into her pussy. It saw my fantasy come true and the boy was good. Without asking, I rushed downstairs and my camera and started taking pictures of every corner of Anthony Tonguand researching my pussy wife. After a while Lili pushed his head and knew she was close. Anthony quickly took off all his clothes and placed between the legs, Lili. Meanwhile, his penis was rock hard and he kept pushing his cock against my wife pussy, rubbing his head back and forth on his cock against pussy Lili. Lili could see that I liked and asked me if I make some pictures some good. Anthony told me that between her legs could not get a good picture. Anthony pushed back and asked him to sit on the couch. Then he straddled it and settled on the tip of the tail was only in her pussy, she had him there and asked me to take some pictures after a dozen photographs that slowly slid his cock until her eggs had been broken hit her pussy. To see another man's cock is buried to the hilt in your wife 's pussy is a turn based on. He continued his cock until he coul amountd bravoporn see that she was there, meet Anthony, and he accelerated the pace of Lili bomb shell, after eight more screaming matches both let bravoporn out groans of bears Lili Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Anthony broke in while instead
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